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Behind the Bump Podcast: Reaching Mothers Through Straight Talk


Our clients at SCL Health and Stapleton OB-GYN were looking for a unique way to connect in a meaningful way with women who were considering pregnancy or who had recently become pregnant. The goal was to position SCL Health OB-Gyn doctors and labor and delivery nurses as trusted sources for information, while also generating evergreen social media content for the health system and its respective care sites.

A female doctor sits in an office, speaking with a patient


With the doctors’ extensive knowledge that planning and expectant mothers have numerous questions – many of which they are afraid or nervous to ask due to the extremely personal nature of pregnancy – the CenterTable team set out to create content that would address those “tough” or “intensely personal” questions head on. The hurdle was identifying a medium that provided the right amount of privacy for women to get answers to their tough questions (public forums like message boards and Facebook Groups would not encourage enough engagement and interaction).

Knowing that many individuals have an average work commute of 15-35 minutes, the CenterTable creative services team developed a podcast strategy that would allow SCL physicians and nurses to answer these questions head on, but in a conversational manner that could be consumed in the privacy of the listener’s car, or with headphones on during their work day. The five-part series featured six different medical professionals as well as one mother/blogger/influencer, and took listeners through a chronological journey from “You’re pregnant, now what?” to “What to expect during labor.” Behind the Bump is featured on iTunes and the podcast platform Stitcher and has its own webpage for user experience and data tracking purposes. CenterTable utilized owned social media audiences as well as a very targeted social media advertising campaign to generate listeners and subscriptions to Behind the Bump.

Results (First 60 Days)

Website/RSS Metrics:

  • 542 subscribers
  • 39 pageviews

  • 18.93 minutes average listen time
  • 74.4% average completion rate

  • 183 listens
  • 76.67% average consumption