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Culture Matters: Four ways to encourage ample recognition and constructive feedback

Feedback helps us see ourselves through another lens and when taken to heart, can help us grow into better leaders and employees. But how much is too much? How often should companies solicit employee feedback? Encourage peer feedback? What about recognition for a job well done? These are all questions that were addressed at a recent B:CIVIC panel discussion called, “What Great Resignation?”  

Jami Duffy, executive director of Youth on Record; Jim Licko, managing partner and co-founder of GFM|CenterTable; Geri Mitchell-Brown, co-owner and senior director of employee experience and social impact for Namasté Solar; and Ronda Vitrano, managing director, shareholder and head of people and culture at Crestone Capital, discussed the challenges of gathering and responding to employee feedback and the importance of recognition.  

Here are their four tips for other leaders on collecting feedback and encouraging recognition: 

  • Start slow: Make informal peer recognition an invaluable part of regular staff meetings 
  • Give it structure: Create a formal process for peer-to-peer and cross-team recognition 
  • Be consistent: Offer quarterly recognition for employees who exemplify one of the company’s core values  
  • Make it mission-based: Tie individual performance to a company’s higher purpose and mission so they understand how they contribute 

To learn more, check out the video of the panel discussion, “What Great Resignation?”