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Sharing the right message with the right audience at the right time – it’s that simple, yet it’s increasingly complex.

Creative Communications Solutions

Whether we’re talking to a large national audience or a hyper-local few, the desire to “get it right” is always our North Star.

When your communications are handled by professionals, it feels effortless. We are industry agnostic and navigate this dynamic and ever-changing landscape using public relations, thought leadership, earned media, influencer relations, internal communications, multicultural marketing, advocacy communications, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications and even executive training and coaching to find innovative, unique and often-unexpected ways to help our client partners achieve their goals. We might make it look easy in the end, but that ease is a result of decades of experience and the desire and passion to tell your story in a way that connects you with your stakeholders.

Public Relations

The goal of public relations is to deliver your message to the right audience. This is where we began our agency journey more than two decades ago – connecting clients with the people, communities and issues that matter most to them. Of course, back then PR was all about magazines, newspapers and TV. But we’re communicators at heart, so as the definition of media evolved, we did, too. Today, we use a data-driven approach to help companies elevate their brands, secure their reputation and leverage traditional, digital and social strategies to ensure our clients are using the right medium, message and messenger to drive awareness to their brand and – when needed – to help keep issues from turning into full-blown crises.

Thought Leadership

Having highly visible, respected executives can create a clear competitive advantage. Thought leaders see the world clearly and are not afraid to take a stand. They fearlessly tackle big questions with ideas that are convention-breaking, original and create a point of view to influence and transform minds and behaviors. Our team has dedicated their careers to training executives and building robust and custom thought leadership programs. We track industry trends and leverage the power of digital content, media relations, keynote speaking opportunities, op-eds, bylined articles, blogs, award opportunities, podcasts and more to allow our clients to become catalysts for the conversations around important issues.

Media Relations

The saying, “advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for,” can be challenged as media relations allow for more control. With a team of former reporters, we proactively engage with journalists to share relevant client stories that resonate with the audience. Third-party outlets like major newspapers and trade publications offer credibility that advertising cannot replace, and amplifying media results through digital channels is crucial due to the short lifespan of stories in today’s news cycle. Our team integrates these tactics into our plans for comprehensive media relations campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an essential aspect of modern marketing, with most brands using it to reach target audiences authentically. Building a valuable online presence through influencers takes time, and our experienced team has worked with cultural and reputational influencers to leverage their voices and authenticity. Consumers trust influencers for opinions, advice and purchasing decisions, making it crucial to identify the right influencers to help break through the cluttered digital landscape and achieve top- and bottom-line results. Our team is skilled at delivering creative and memorable campaigns to achieve goals such as brand awareness, product sales and educational program promotion.

Employee Communications

The modern workplace is rapidly changing, with remote work, diversity and inclusion plans, the gig economy and mental health burnout. The stakes for business leaders to recruit and retain talent are higher than ever, making it crucial to invest in employee engagement and retention. Today’s employees seek meaning and purpose and need to believe in their brand’s mission, which aligns with their own values. Our team of internal communication experts has extensive experience in developing engagement programs, franchise communications, and internal culture and CSR initiatives to retain a strong workforce through clear, proactive and authentic communication.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to partner with companies that prioritize being a force for good and creating positive change. With over two decades of experience in CSR communications, our team develops strategic and practical programs that deliver value to organizations and the communities they serve. Our comprehensive CSR ommunications services include cause marketing campaigns, corporate giving, CSR reports and employee engagement programs. We believe that business can be a force for good, which is why we are an active member of B:CIVIC. We also give back through our primary charitable giving arm, the Get Grounded Foundation, which has provided over $453,000 to programs supporting at-risk youth in the greater Denver and Boulder metro areas.


Advocacy Communications

Organizations aiming to influence public policy at different levels rely on effective communications strategies to achieve their objectives. We partner with these organizations and lobbyists to create impactful campaigns that educate, inspire and mobilize the public. Our team of seasoned practitioners offer a wide range of services that include strategic messaging, media relations, grassroots advocacy, social media strategy, creative services, digital media, paid media, testimony preparation and media training. By working alongside your government affairs team, we ensure that our services are tailored to your organization’s specific goals, and we help to shape issues and influence key stakeholders, including media, elected officials and voters. Our approach is creative, strategic and always focused on driving results for our clients.

Presentation Training & Support

We offer leadership training that supports executives and other leaders in securing, preparing for, delivering and promoting media appearances, speeches, panel discussions and presentations. Our approach, which includes performance psychology and skill-building, involves a five-step process that guides clients in creating an inspiring “why,” developing an authentic speaking persona, crafting persuasive messages and practicing delivery with expert feedback and support. This helps clients project their ideas in compelling, powerful ways that resonate with audiences and galvanize support from key stakeholders. Our experienced team, led by an award-winning author, public speaker and former journalist, provides communications professionals with over 20 years of experience to help clients hone their ability to speak powerfully – both on- and off-stage.

Our executive speaker training and support services include:

  • Design support for visual presentations
  • Media training
  • Ongoing support while preparing for a speaking event or media interview
  • Promotion of speaking events
  • Public speaking classes and workshops
  • Speechwriting
  • Submissions for speeches and media interviews

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