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Get Grounded Foundation Awards Nearly $85,000 to 19 Nonprofits in the Denver Metro and Boulder Areas

At GroundFloor Media and CenterTable, we are storytellers at our core. And, not surprisingly, we are also suckers for a good story ourselves. Some of our most inspirational clients and partners are nonprofits, and we are always amazed at their ability to see through obstacles and focus on the good they can and do achieve. 

We also believe that nonprofits, similar to many startup organizations, are entrepreneurial in their approach, but that they often have trouble securing the seed funding necessary to get a new or innovative program off the ground. That is why in 2015 we launched the Get Grounded Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides one-year community grants to deserving nonprofit organizations in Colorado.  

Through the Get Grounded Foundation, we provide investments ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 to help these important community programs get up and running (or stay running). This year, we are proud to announce that we have distributed $84,375 to 19 organizations that directly support the healthy development of at-risk youth in the Denver metro and Boulder areas. That represents a 16% increase over what we were able to distribute in 2021. Since its inception in 2015, the Get Grounded Foundation has provided 86 microgrants for a total of $357,306 and another $11,000 in cash donations and sponsorships for a total of $368,306.

The following organizations received funding this year: 

  • Amp the Cause: $3,000 – Amp the Cause provides entertainment, annual events and community service projects that raise funds for more than 55 local nonprofits that improve the lives of Colorado’s families. Our grant will help purchase grocery gift cards to help families below the poverty line.  
  • Augustana Arts:$3,500 – Augustana Arts offers Music Encounters, a life-changing youth music education program that provides a safe place for children in high-poverty neighborhoods and schools to experience the academic benefits of music education, the joy of making music and most importantly, hope for a better future. Our grant will help expand delivery of Music Encounters to at least two days per week at pilot locations including Colfax Community Network
  • Black Parents United Foundation (BPUF): $4,000 –BPUF is a community-based non-profit organization that helps parents of black and brown children to empower their children – and to promote equity, diversity and inclusion – through confidence building, community development and community engagement. Our grant will  
    be used to teach youth in Denver Metro area stress management and coping skills. BPUF hopes to partner with Compound of Compassion which implements yoga classes for youth as an option to relieve stress. 
  • Cobbled Streets: $7,000 – Cobbled Streets provides Colorado children in foster care with individualized experiences and enriching opportunities so they can heal from trauma, create connections and thrive. Our grant will help to expand the number of kids served, which includes directly supporting the healthy development of at-risk youth by providing them individualized experiences and enriching opportunities. 
  • Denver Adolescent Response Team (DART): $3,500 – DART provide evidence-based treatment by an interdisciplinary team with the goal of helping prevent teen suicides with a particular focus on teen girls. Our grant will be allocated toward creating a pro bono fund to provide services to any client and their family for counseling services and continuing education and training for therapists and student interns.  
  • Denver Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC): $4,875 – DCAC serves children who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence by coordinating multi-disciplinary teams of first responders, providing comprehensive counseling services to child victims and their non-offending family members and collaborating with the community to protect kids through prevention-focused initiatives. Our grant will help to buy iPads for therapists as well as for youth in need of an iPad for telehealth sessions. 
  • Developmental FX: $6,000 – Developmental FX prepares children with developmental differences for a bright future of engaged belonging by equipping them, their families, therapists and teachers via innovative programming in Colorado and around the world. Our grant will help expand the feeding therapy and sensory integration therapy programs.  
  • Denver Inner City Parish (DICP): $7,000 – DICP supports individuals and families in our community, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty. Our grant will support their food security programming for kids and help expand the mobile food pantry.  
  • Food For Thought Denver: $5,000 – Food for Thought strives to eliminate weekend hunger for children in the Denver area by providing PowerSacks for the weekend. Each PowerSack has 10-15 items, enough to feed a family of four two meals. Our funds will be used to purchase additional food from Food Bank of the Rockies for the PowerSack Program.  
  • Mirror Image Arts: $5,000 – Mirror Image Arts seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by providing interactive theatre, positive youth development and trauma-informed and restorative approaches. Our grant will broaden the “Your Voice” program from solely direct service programming with youth to whole school culture work.  
  • PlatteForum:$5,000 – PlatteForum connects youth and artists with the resources to reach their full potential while addressing the social issues that matter most to them and their communities. With our grant, PlatteForum will grow their partnership with Colfax Community Network by providing 15 workshops, at an average of 10 participants per workshop reaching 150 youth. 
  • Rise Above Colorado: $5,000 – Rise Above Colorado is a statewide prevention organization that measurably impacts teen perceptions and attitudes about the risks of substance misuse to help youth make empowered, healthy choices. Our grant will help to enable youth to make personal and community changes that impact behavioral health outcomes in Denver metro and Boulder areas. 
  • Rise Against Suicide: $2,500 – Rise Against Suicide helps youth at risk of suicide by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment, enabling them to find hope and healing. Our grant will help provide therapy sessions for kids, including the cost of transportation to and from the session. 
  • Tennyson Center for Children: $3,000 – Tennyson’s goal is to keep families strong and keep them together. The organization provides an array of community services that aims to do exactly that by creating access to therapy, skills building and resource connection. Our grant will support services for children and families in the Neighbor Program, providing wraparound supports and therapeutic interventions to help maintain family placements. 
  • The Urban Farm: $5,000 – The Urban Farm provides the opportunity for urban youth to engage and participate in local food and agricultural systems by removing the barriers to entry such as land access, time, location and finances. Our grant will help with upfront and start-up costs, including refrigeration equipment, display equipment and storage required for the market. 
  • Thriving Families Colorado: $2,500 – Thriving Families Colorado offers programs that support women, children and their families during pregnancy and just after a baby is born – a critical period of development for children’s futures. Our grant will help purchase play kits for low-income families in Denver, who have less access to resources that promote positive development. Parents will also receive education on ways to support important milestones in their children’s development. 
  • Whiz Kids Tutoring: $5,000 – Whiz Kids Tutoring partners with churches, schools and other community agencies to offer tutoring, club time and student enrichment to help kids engage in school and the world as confident learners who understand their innate worth. Our grant will help pay for training materials, staff time and online tools to provide trauma awareness training to 475 volunteers. 
  • Youth Seen: $5,000 – Youth Seen offers trainings, workshops and presentations to organizations wishing to enhance their services and support for the QTBIPoC/LGBTQI community. Youth Seen also offers mental health support and programs to queer youth. Our grant will help to rebuild a drop-in center for youth to access community resources. 
  • Zuma’s Rescue Ranch: $2,500 – Zuma’s Rescue Ranch is an equestrian center providing top-notch compassionate equine education programs. All of their herd members have been rescued from homelessness, neglect and/or abusive situations. Once recovered, Zuma’s give the horses roles as educators in their riding programs and therapy partners in their mental health programs. Our grant will help the organization to relaunch their equine-assisted learning group program, providing mental health therapy through equine connection to underserved youth in the Denver metro area. 

Save the date! 2023 grant applications are due by 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 7, 2023.