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Culture Matters: 10 enhanced benefits employers now offer to retain talent

Some Colorado companies are overcoming the “Great Resignation” by offering unique and enhanced benefits. This talent retention strategy was a hot topic at a recent B:CIVIC panel discussion called, “What Great Resignation?”  

Jami Duffy, executive director of Youth on Record; Jim Licko, managing partner and co-founder of GFM|CenterTable; Geri Mitchell-Brown, co-owner and senior director of employee experience and social impact for Namasté Solar; and Ronda Vitrano, managing director, shareholder and head of people and culture at Crestone Capital, shared various efforts that have worked for them amid the wave of resignations that has swept the nation.  

Here are the top 10 benefits they mentioned, collectively

  1. Show employees you care with mental health and wellness benefits, including access to a company-sponsored trauma therapist or a stipend to be used for things like therapy, a meditation app or even a better mattress to improve sleep  
  1. Help employees reach their goals, with increased education and professional development allowances 
  1. Let employees buy into the mission, with the  option to own a share of the company 
  1. Trust your people with work-from-anywhere policies, including allowing remote work two days per week or more and one policy that allows employees to work from anywhere for a 4-week period  
  1. Give employees a break by providing unlimited paid time off and/or sabbaticals (One company even offers a 45-day sabbatical after one year of employment)  
  1. Help employees explore their passions and curiosity with a creative stipend to pursue a hobby, visit a museum, attend a play, etc. 
  1. Help your team members grow with leadership coaching for continuous growth and development   
  1. Partner with employees on  their success by providing formal growth paths with clear milestones for advancement  
  1. Build bonds through a “Pandemic Pals” type of program so colleagues have a chance to intentionally connect with each other outside of the day-to-day work 
  1. Share the big picture with communication that emphasizes the full value of working with the company or organization (mission, community impact, etc.) and helps employees understand their total benefits (PTO, paid education, etc.) so that they’re less inclined to jump at the next higher-paying opportunity  

To learn more, check out the video of the panel discussion, “What Great Resignation?”