Zarlengo Foundation Learning Evaluation Center (LEC)

Brand and Website Development for Learning Evaluation Center

Screenshot from the LEC website

To raise awareness of the comprehensive and multidisciplinary learning evaluation services for children living in the greater Denver community, the Zarlengo Foundation Learning Evaluation Center embarked on a new brand identity, including logo redesign, new website, collateral and updated messaging.

The Zarlengo Foundation Learning Evaluation Center (LEC) was formed in 2016 and serves as a trusted resource for many families and professionals in Colorado. However, there was a misperception that the LEC was only available to students enrolled at Havern School, a school for students with learning disabilities that shares a campus with the LEC. The LEC team engaged our creative services team to develop a brand identity that would highlight their team of experts who help Denver students and families navigate the complex learning evaluation and education processes with confidence.

LEC logo icon

Figuring out how to help a child who is struggling can be confusing and overwhelming, but the Learning Evaluation Center puts parents at ease as they discover their student’s academic and social/emotional strengths and opportunities. We wanted the LEC’s brand to echo this sense of calm, confident guidance, so we worked to develop visual materials that would strike the balance between professionality and accessibility, appealing to care professionals as well as families. We initially designed graphic elements reminiscent of data (e.g., evaluation reports, graphs and charts) but ultimately decided to use a warmer approach, drawing on organic shapes, bright scholastic colors, candid photography and scannable content blocks for parents looking for information on how to help their children.

LEC mood board
GIF of LEC brand guide pages
LEC Brochure

“The new website provides parents with a valuable resource at a time that is unsettling and often stressful in their lives. We love the ease with which it can be navigated and the clear way in which the learning evaluation process is presented. It was also important to us that the website be accessible to those with learning disabilities, and the GFM|CenterTable team worked with our learning evaluation professionals to ensure the language and flow of information on the site were clear and accessible to different types of learners.”

Katie Christensen
Former Director of Marketing and Communications at Havern School


We designed a friendly yet professional logo, developed an easy-to-use brand guide and created a trifold brochure to introduce the LEC and present their different evaluation offerings. Then, using the new LEC look, feel and messaging, we developed a website to help people discover the LEC and learn about their comprehensive, expert approach to psychoeducational evaluation and ongoing academic and social/emotional support. The Zarlengo Foundation Learning Evaluation Center and its services are now accessible to students and families throughout the greater Denver community.

LEC website