C+C (PROI Partner)

C+C | COVID Health Care Providers PSA


C+C, one of our PROI partners, works with the Washington State Department of Health on their COVID-19 communications campaign. In order to produce a PSA that included both the Washington State Secretary of Health and the Washington Health Care Authority Director, C+C needed to film them in Denver while they were both coincidentally traveling through the Denver International Airport.


GFM | CenterTable jumped in to partner with C+C, arranging the video shoot in our office in Denver and producing and editing the video with the support of the C+C team. Through careful planning, pre-production and coordination, the CenterTable team filmed the Washington State Secretary of Health and the Washington Health Care Authority Director while the client and members of the C+C team joined the video shoot remotely. Through our remote system, the client and C+C team had a direct feed to the set and were able to communicate directly with our producer.

Campaign Goal

Based on our audience research that indicated that the most trusted messenger for COVID-19 vaccine information was health care providers, the team created this video urging the people of Washington State to get vaccinated. The video features two prominent health care agency leaders who are also a former practicing ER physician and RN. The videos emphasize the benefit of vaccination and stress the urgency of getting vaccinated as soon as possible.


The :30 video, which ran for four weeks on statewide broadcast TV, as well as digitally as pre-roll and on streaming services targeted to vaccine hesitant geographies, has so far garnered over 16.7 million TV views, 630,000 digital views, and more than 1,500 click throughs.

16.7 Million

TV Views


Digital Views