Colorado Department of Human Services

Colorado Department of Human Services | Child Trafficking Livestream

Child trafficking is a subject that the Colorado Department of Human Services wanted to raise awareness of throughout the state in January 2019. In order to amplify their message, CDHS decided to host a Facebook Live with a panel of experts to explain to the wider public about the various warning signs of child trafficking, while also providing steps to take action in the fight against it. CDHS has done livestreams of similar nature in the past, but due to its darker subject matter, they wanted to make this broadcast the most impactful one to date. The big challenge was to convey the complexity of child trafficking in a variety of interesting ways that would keep audiences tuned in for an extended period of time.

A strong live production requires a great team in an ideal setting. Using GFM|CenterTable’s state-of-the-art studio, the livestreaming team was able to use robotic cameras to capture the panel and employed a number of full-screen graphics for the audience to see in the event that were watching the livestream with the sound off. The full screens allowed audience members to retain the information in a much easier manner. This led to an increase in viewing time and allowed our social team to respond more directly to questions within the livestream’s comment section.


The CDHS Child Trafficking livestream was a big hit on the CO4Kids page. We received more than 1.3K views on the livestream, 57 shares, 83 comments, and more than 130 reactions. Those shares helped us to reach 6,400 people organically. In total, the livestream generated more than 10,000 impressions, 3.18K of those to fans and 6.22K to non-fans of the page.


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