Colorado Succeeds

Colorado Succeeds | Google Ad Grants Provides Platform For Educating Colorado Voters


A nonprofit client focused on improving education in Colorado, Colorado Succeeds, prepared a robust online report detailing gubernatorial candidate views on education for the 2018 election with the goal of creating awareness and educating voters before they hit the polls. Colorado Succeeds aimed to garner 10,000 views on the report prior to the primary elections in June of that year.

When other paid tactics failed to deliver the desired volume of clicks to the website, CenterTable was enlisted to leverage Colorado Succeeds’ existing Google Ad Grants account to launch a paid search campaign to supplement their current efforts and aid in meeting their goal within just three short weeks.


CenterTable’s SEM team conducted in-depth keyword research to understand how users were searching for candidate information in Colorado and then developed a campaign strategy intended to maximize exposure for the candidate report. 

The campaign’s keyword strategy targeted specific candidate names and general election terms and everything in between, resulting in highly customized ad groups aligned with search user intent. The ad copy was developed using current best practices and relevant keyword terms to draw users into the site to learn more about the gubernatorial candidates.


The local paid search public awareness campaign saw immediate positive results and contributed significantly to the organization’s success in exceeding its goal of 10,000 web page views by the primary election deadline.

Colorado Succeeds was so pleased with the performance of this campaign during the 2018 primary elections that the campaign content was modified to reflect the results and then continued to run for the 2018 general elections.




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