Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade | Live Stream


For more than 50-years, hundreds of thousands have attended the annual Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade winds throughout downtown Denver and ends up at Coors Field. In 2018, the Parade Committee was seeking to improve the live stream experience and provide an engaging brand activation for their title sponsor, Bellco Credit Union. In past years, the livestream only supported one camera and the committee wanted to expand to a multi-camera production. Budget was a major obstacle in providing a broadcast-quality stream with minimal crew members.


Using the right tools for livestream production is key to producing a great live experience for viewers. The CenterTable team deployed 4K camera technology that allowed remote camera operation. The livestreaming technology enabled the production team to operate four camera shots with only two production operators on site. We were able to offer viewers multiple camera shots of the parade, greatly enhancing the user experience while staying within the project budget. This led to both an increase in overall viewers as well as greater time spent per user on the stream, helping sustain the audience over the four-hour period and provide extremely high-quality production for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


The 2018 Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade live stream reached more than 40,000 viewers without any paid promotion or boosting. Engagement was extremely high with more than 200 comments, 455 shares, and more than 500 reactions.