Good Samaritan Medical Center

Good Samaritan Medical Center | Hand Hygiene Music Video, Concept and Execution


Good Samaritan Medical Center was seeking a fun and engaging way to communicate the importance of hand hygiene to employees, healthcare professionals and the general population.


A nurse at Good Samaritan wrote and recorded an original song about hand hygiene, set to the tune of “ABC” by The Jackson 5. CenterTable teamed up with their communications department to help conceptualize what an accompanying music video would look like. As part of the SCL network, it was important to highlight the hospital’s culture, compassion and professionalism, in addition to making the video fun and approachable. Good Samaritan provided our video team with a rough schedule, shot list and reference videos, to help us determine what creative strategy would be best suited for this kind of project. This helped us cut down on pre-production time, and focus more of the budget on the actual production and editing of the music video project.

The video shoot timeline at the hospital was tight, which prompted our production team to build a mobile rig that was easy to transport around the hospital with minimal setup and interference within a working healthcare environment. This allowed us to quickly visit many different hospital departments and get shots of the staff using proper sanitation and hygiene, as well as some fun choreographed and impromptu dancing. Because the communications staff had notified the various departments about the music video shoot ahead of time, we were able to be quick and efficient about getting the shots we needed.

During the editing phase, CenterTable took inspiration from the reference videos that Good Samaritan provided, while also embedding their values and hospital culture to create a truly unique, educational and fun viewership experience.


This music video, along with a promoted Facebook campaign, marks the most views any SCL Health video has received on Facebook to date. In one week after launching, it reached over 200,000 people and received 110,000 views. The comments were nearly all positive in nature from associates, patients and people within the healthcare field from around the country, and the video effectively highlighted the unique culture at Good Samaritan while also promoting the concept of consistent hand hygiene.

The Final Video
Behind the Scenes