IMA Financial Group

IMA Financial Group | Website Redesign and Development


IMA Financial Group consists of nine different business units, all of which had separate websites that lacked a consistent brand identity. CenterTable was tasked with creating a new cohesive look and feel for IMA’s various business units, while also developing a new backend for the websites that enhanced the user experience.


CenterTable redeveloped the entire user experience for IMA’s various business units, allowing for easier navigation from one to the next, ultimately allowing IMA customers and prospective customers to more easily find the information they require.

At the same time, the CenterTable creative services team designed an updated master look and feel for IMA’s web presence that created a consistent brand identity across all business units, better representing the IMA brand online and simplifying the digital journey for users.


The improved layout and design of the web presence for IMA’s various business units speaks for itself, and IMA’s leadership team was unanimously excited about the website’s alignment with the brand and the company’s unmatched work product. Additionally, the company has experienced steady year-over-year web traffic growth and has been recognized by AVA Digital Awards as one of the best new websites of 2018.