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Komatsu excavator moving dirt

Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc. (KSM) is a 40 year old distributor of heavy equipment and cranes headquartered in Oklahoma City. It is a fast growing company with 13 branches in 5 states.

There is an ongoing goal to reach new customers and serve existing customers through an increasingly comprehensive website meant to be engaging, informative, easy to navigate and provide useful product information.

  • Developed a roadmap and site monitoring
  • Expanded measurement and analysis, conducted SEO training to help keep client team current to best practices as SEO evolved.
  • Ongoing development of keyword strategies, technical SEO improvements, improved UX UI navigation, recommended site content to increase SEO performance.

When the company embarked on a major expansion to its equipment portfolio over the course of a single year, we aligned the new product optimization efforts with each product market launch in order to create new growth in search performance over that timeframe

SEO Results

From 2018 through the end of Q3 2023, we executed many digital programs that collectively contributed to an increase in overall site traffic volume of 149%.
Diligent focus on SEO strategies and programs delivered a 42% growth in highly relevant and valuable organic search traffic volume during that same period. 
Furthermore, the new business leads attributed directly to the SEO program’s effectiveness increased by 175% during that period as measured by $-value of quoted business opportunities.


Increase in overall site traffic


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in business leads