Lutheran Medical Center | Bariatric Storytelling & Patient Lead Generation

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A year after founding the Lutheran Weight Loss Center, the first dedicated bariatric surgery center in the Denver metro area, SCL Health and the Lutheran Medical Center were experiencing disappointing results driving appointment requests through impersonal advertising campaigns. For instance, one PPC campaign alone spent $45,320 and delivered only 184 leads.


CenterTable crafted three personal stories that were crafted into mini-documentaries, featuring compelling patient and professional subjects — all of whom explained the role bariatric surgery played in changing their lives. We activated platform-optimized versions of the full documentaries along with 15-, 30- and 60-second micro-stories on the Lutheran Weight Loss Center website, as well as the Lutheran Medical Center Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. The campaign’s goal was to drive our well-defined target audiences to request a bariatric consultation appointment with Lutheran on an off-platform landing page with detailed conversion tracking. Those heartwarming stories highlighted Dave, who went from “sitting around waiting to die” pre-surgery to regaining his career as a musician and getting to watch his grandkids grow up, Katherine, who went from worrying she wasn’t setting the right example for her daughter to finishing multiple half-marathons, and Dr. Katayun Irani, Colorado’s first female bariatric surgeon and visionary founder of the Lutheran Weight Loss Center.


Over just four weeks, we delivered 120 confirmed patient appointment requests for Lutheran at a cost of $63.34 per request, which is one-third of what their previous campaigns were spending per lead. The personal stories we pulled together, paired with the campaign results, were recognized nationally by the Telly Awards, where we were celebrated with a silver medal in branded healthcare content alongside Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins and WebMD along with large agencies like Weber Shandwick. We were also honored regionally by the Colorado Marketing Association, where we received two 14er Awards for content marketing and social media marketing.


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