Petroleum Assoc. of Wyoming

Petroleum Association of Wyoming | Efficient and Effective Content Creation

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The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) hosts its annual conference in Cheyenne, and includes members, policymakers, sponsors and stakeholders in state’s the oil and gas industry. PAW wanted to take advantage of the diverse array of attendees at their 2019 conference and use it as an opportunity to efficiently generate as much content as possible over the two-day event that would highlight how the oil and gas industry benefits Wyoming’s economy, community and environment.

CenterTable assembled a creative services team consisting of a producer, videographer and a photographer to travel to Cheyenne, spending a day and a half interviewing select individuals at the conference, and collecting additional supporting content for its social media properties.

Through careful planning, pre-production and coordination, the CenterTable team was able to capture:

  • 8 interviews with industry professionals, elected officials and subject matter experts.
  • Nearly 30 minutes of aerial footage of Wyoming’s oil rigs and natural environments. 
  • Over an hour’s worth of supporting b-roll from 6 different locations around the state, including local ranches and agricultural operations, downtown Cheyenne and surrounding landmarks.
  • 2,622 professional photos


PAW’s investment in a content package allowed CenterTable to capture enough media to translate into more than six months’ worth of social media posts across FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram. 

One video, detailing the value of oil and gas in Wyoming, was used in a short but effective Facebook ad campaign optimized for video views and achieved the following results:


People in Wyoming Reached


Impressions Served


Video Views


Video Views of 15 Seconds or Longer


Engagements Including Reactions, Shares, and Comments