Speak Our Minds

Speak Our Minds: Ending the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Working under the direction of Heidi Baskfield of The Advocacy Collective on behalf of the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), GFM|CenterTable was retained to develop foundational elements for the Phase I launch of Speak Our Minds within a six-week timeframe to support the “Wait to Nowhere” documentary screenings. These were held leading up to the 2023 National Governors Association (NGA) meeting as part of an effort to engage children’s hospitals in encouraging their governors to pledge their commitment to implement the building blocks that will create a working system of mental health care for youth and families.

Our team worked with Heidi and CHA to create a multi-faceted communications program focusing on all the elements that we know are important in a working mental health system for youth, including a strong call to action to connect the dots and bring together the people and organizations with the muscle to fix the Youth Mental Health Crisis.

Speak Our Minds Launched with the documentary, “The Wait to Nowhere: When a Crisis Goes Untreated.”

GFM|CenterTable developed foundational elements including naming (Speak Our Minds), a logo, brand guidelines, messaging, website and developing a toolkit to support “The Wait to Nowhere” documentary premieres leading up to the 2023 National Governors Association (NGA) meeting. In addition, the team developed a pledge demanding that governors take immediate action to build a system to help end this crisis.


4 Screenings Across the U.S

Screenings attended by 90+ people each.

Website Design and Development

See the work at SpeakOurMinds.org

Developed Comprehensive Toolkit

Toolkit included an overview, FAQs, screening information and assets, a media kit and a partner outreach template.

Branding Collateral

In addition to the site, our team created a corporate identity package that included business cards and letterhead templates.