Tennyson Center for Children

Building A Better Annual Report

A page from the Tennyson Center annual report shows a boy surrounded by fairy tale drawings


Tennyson Center For Children (TCC) presented the CenterTable digital team with the task of reinventing the design of its annual report. Previous reports had shared the necessary information, but TCC wanted to evolve the report to be more visually engaging.

Following a successful ad campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month, TCC asked CenterTable to develop similar creative for its annual report. Pictures, content and an overall theme (“telling our story”) were provided to work with during the creative process.


Using previous annual reports as a launching point, CenterTable immediately began crafting ideas based on the “telling our story” theme. CenterTable developed an initial concept revolving around fairy tales and giving every child a “happily ever after.” The concept combined compelling photos with fun, whimsical illustrations that wove a visual story throughout the entire report. The drawings, photos and cohesive theme helped readers connect to the report on a more emotional level. CenterTable used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create the drawings, combine all the elements together and prepare the files for print and digital distribution


TCC was extremely happy with the redesigned annual report and received positive feedback from its supporters. While previous annual reports successfully presented the facts, the redesigned report resonated with readers and helped TCC share its story in a much more compelling way.

You can view the full annual report below: